Frequently Asked Questions

Do you buy old or junk cars, or old appliances?

 No, we do not buy cars or appliances.

Do you strip wire for free?

Yes, we will strip wire at no charge.

Will a scrap metal consultant come to our facility?

Yes, an experienced consultant will meet with you to inspect your scrap and determine the best course of action to serve your needs.  We can provide containers and arrange for dismantling and pickup of container loads of material. 

Do you buy air conditioners?

Yes, if you are state licensed, or have a receipt from an air conditioning company for a replacement unit. 

Do I need identification to sell scrap?

Yes,  you must show a state issued photo ID (driver's license or ID).  We cannot accept passports, green cards or Mexican driver's license in accordance with the City of Houston ordinances.

What forms of payment are available?

Texas state law (House Bill 2187) requires us to issue a check unless you have a cash card.  We will accept cash cards from other scrap yards.